by Natalya Brashovetska


About Natalya

Felting master from Ukraine in Cyprus

I adore making stylish outerwear and also love to felt clothes and bags. I am happy to impart my personal expertise and best practices. My primary focus is on footwear, along with bags and accessories. When I first started felting, I wanted to make shoes that were not only attractive, but also resistant.
I created my own methodology for this. It strikes a balance between felting and traditional shoemaker craftsmanship. Without being a shoemaker yourself, you will be able to complete all the steps involved in making a pair of shoes using my technique. Additionally, you will receive orthotic shoes as a result.


Support the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the russian invasion

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Thank you, Natalya!
I want to let you know how much I enjoyed your recent bag class. You were so helpful to everyone and gave each of us the individual attention to fully understand the "why and when" for each step. It is obvious you love what you do and you don't feel accomplished as a teacher until each person has success with their piece. I'm so looking forward to my next class with you!
Thanks so much, Ellen

10 Febrary 2023

Ellen Silberlicht


What a wonderful experience it was to visit Cyprus and work with you in your studio! Thank you, Natalya! Each day was a treasure in itself, from visiting the natural beauty of the seaside to exploring the tiny villages in the mountains. Looking back, it is hard to decide which activity was the best. The lace making in Lefkara was magical, as was the haloumi cheese demonstration in the small shop on the way. And the Hamam spa was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced! I could go on about the food and the historic sites. Each day was truly packed with wonderful experiences. But the best part was working with you on felting. Your expertise, generosity, artistry, and attention to detail is wonderful. Thank you, Natalya, for taking such good care of us and sharing so much. This was truly a trip to remember.

11 Febrary 2023

Catherine Stebinger

Website Coordinator https://northeastfeltmakersguild.org/

I certainly highly recommend Natalya's workshops. I have attended three, one in Australia and two in New Zealand. Natalya also did two other workshops in New Zealand that I had arranged for her and everyone absolutely loved their time with Natalya.
Natalya is an amazing person and tutor, so friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and patient. I have learnt so much from her and I would certainly attend more given the opportunity.
Natalya does everything possible to ensure everyone goes home with a finished professional product. She is able to balance working with everyone as individuals as well as in a group to ensure everyone understands her instructions and processes and that they end up with a beautiful creation.
No matter how much experience you may have, you are sure to learn a lot from Natalya. Her fashion design ideas, knowledge,skills and techniques are amazing. She gives you lots of information and advice and makes everyone feel comfortable.

11 Febrary 2023

Barbara King

Southern Felters. NZ

I spent a week with Natalya and other guests in beautiful Cyprus, touring the country and making felted boots. Everything was incredibly organized and well thought out. Cyprus is a beautiful country and Natalya, as a resident, knows all the best places to visit. And the food – especially when sitting by the sea – was an experience to remember. I have taken a few felting workshops with Natalya and she is one of the best teachers out there. She is encouraging, deeply knowledgeable, and she makes learning fun. If you ever have an opportunity to experience Cyprus and learning feltmaking from Natalya, do not hesitate…do it! Nancy L.

12 Febrary 2023

Nancy Lauby


My name is Gillian Hewitt, I’m a Brit currently living in Portland, Oregon.I found a school in Holland ( Atelier Fiberfusing, run by Dorie van Dijk ) offering a bootmaking class ( A Master Class with Natalya Brashovetska). This was it, this was just what I waslooking for! I jumped in with both feet and booked my space.A few weeks later I drove from Hamburg about 7 hrs to the Netherlands. I stayed in a Bed &Breakfast a short drive from the Atelier. There were two wonderful ladies from Denmark alsostaying there. The next day we shared a ride together to the Atelier where we met the rest of ourgroup. I don’t think any of us had attempted making boots before but we were all up for thechallenge and raring to go. Our host quickly made us feel at home and introduced us to Natalya( Brashovetska ), our inspirational teacher. Little did I know that Natalya is a world renownedMaster Felter. She has taught hundreds of people how to make boots, shoes, handbags,clothing etc., etc. She travels internationally and is well-known and respected globally.She truly is a ‘Master’ of this art. What luck!Over four long days Natalya showed us her tricks of the trade, she worked hard with us toensure that we all succeeded and had excellent end results. We laughed with each other, ate,slept and talked about everything imaginable. Friendships were formed and boots were crafted,fit to be worn! I can honestly say that it was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had.Natalya made learning easy and fun, she is a charming lady who instantly clicked with all of us.She took time with everyone of us carefully explaining, demonstrating and instructing each oneof us equally. Natalya is an extremely talented and creative artist whom I am glad to call ‘friend’.I proudly returned to Hamburg with my boots held high and friends that I still treasure and keepin touch with thanks to Natalya.If the opportunity ever arises to take a class with Natalya don’t hesitate, DO IT! 

14 Febrary 2023

Gillian Hewitt