Carpet bag or Backpack workshop

During this class, students will learn how to create an unusual carpet bag, using different types of wool and how to use resist. Additionally, students will learn how to work with metal frames and proper installation methods. Alternatively, the workshop may focus on creating backpack. 

Workshop details

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    Difficulty level: Intermediate

  • Optimal number of participants: 8-10

  • Timing: 8 hours/3 working days

Learning outcomes

Within workshop, students will learn:● how to start your bag design (the size, length of the handles, adding pockets, décor);● how to create the template and make template bigger for the wool shrinkage;● how to work with wool (layout wool, the best way to work with short fibres, using sander, process of rolling, shrinkage of the product);● how to create a 3D object from a flat project;● how to achieve a symmetrical product, the formation of the side walls as well as the bottom of the bag;● how to prepare your bag for installation of the metal frame, what types of tools are needed;● process of frame Installation.
Depending on the chosen decor, you will learn the technique of shibori, woolen watercolour, creating 3D elements.


Tentative program of the workshop

  • Day 1. Template and layout

    ● An introduction on how to create a carpet bag on a flat template● Creating a template, additional volume● Preparing the layers ● Layout of wool● Start to felt with the resist inside.

  • Day 2. Felting the bag

    ● Rolling ● Remove resist● Felting until planned size and shape of the bag is reached

  • Day 3. Installing frame

    ● Giving the final shape to the bag● Installing accessories on the bag, frame, leather