'New vision of Felted Footwear with leather' workshop

This master class allows students to create ankle boots with new techniques in a short time, with different type of décor. Students will learn how to make a heel box using technologically advanced materials in the production of shoes. 

Workshop details

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    Difficulty level: Upper Intermediate

  • Optimal number of participants: up to 12

  • Timing: 8 hours/5 working days

Learning outcomes

Within workshop, students will learn:● how to take measurements and build the template;● how to use this pattern for the production of various models of boots in the future;● how to make boots with laces or elastic or zipper and based on this knowledge, they will be able to make other models of shoes. Explanations on this will be given during the class;● how to make an individual design of leather for felted shoes. Acquire skills in working with leather, learn how to choose the right type, thickness and elasticity of leather to create shoes;●  the process of tightening leather in the manufacture of shoes, a list of necessary tools;● how to make heel box and toe box using technologically advanced materials in the production of shoes;● how to create various models of felted boots based on one pattern;● master skills of classic shoemaker adapted to felted boots, thus creating felted orthopaedic shoes. This involves creating felted shoes with a good level of foot support, having inner soles and stiff shoe back (heel box). 


Tentative program of the workshop

  • Day 1. Measurements & template

    • taking measurements;• constructing template including wool shrinkage, making felted samples for shrinkage calculation to determine the thickness of the felt for boots in the making;• making a sketch;• prepare layout on a resist;• using counteracting resist;• wet the layout and start to felt on the resist by rolling.

  • Day 2. Working with leather

    • working on the boots shape, use the shoe lasts to shape the ankle boots. Correct all possible mistakes;• discuss of the leather decoration on the boots;• make templates for the leather.

  • Day 3. Heels & inner soles

    • making a heel box;• installation of the inner soles;• adding leather. 

  • Day 4. Soles & accessories

    • preparing the boots to put on the soles;• attaching soles to the shoe;• adding eyelets, zipper, or elastic.

  • Day 5. Final touch

    • stitching leather;• stitching soles. *Note: the specifics of making felted boots is complex process and requires few days. Boots must be completely dry in order to continue working with accessories and to assemble all boots parts, sole, hill and insole