Felt Jacket 'Silk Fur' workshop

During this workshop, you will create an outfit with sawing sleeves. Students will learn how to take measurements, make a template, and calculate shrinking as well as learning how to make a felt jacket using silk as decor with “fur” effect. In addition, students will learn how to make straight edges, the three-dimensional product on a flat template, and how to imitate “fur” fabric using felt technologies. Moreover, participants will learn how to easily transform the template from a jacket into a comfortable dress with pockets or a coat.

Workshop details

  • Artboard 1Created with Sketch (

    Difficulty level: Advanced*

  • Optimal number of participants: 7-9

  • Timing: 8 hours/6 working days

* for participants without any clothing making experience, it is suggested to create a vest

Learning outcomes

Within workshop, students will learn:● how to take measurements;● how to build shoulder patterns adapted for felting based on their measurements. Later, one can independently make a pattern for another person;● modelling on a basic pattern and create different models of cloths. Note: different types of silhouette can be made on a basic pattern;● how to correctly and proportionally increase the pattern with a different wool shrinkage coefficient;● how to pre-make wool layouts, as well as another method of laying wool. The nesting method allows easily control the uniformity of shrinkage of the product, and gives a soft, easily draped fabric;● how to create a three-dimensional silk folder;● about working with sander;● different method of felting in volume;● how to make a felt product with smooth and straight edges;● how to create a product according to your design, taking into account your figure.


Tentative program of the workshop

  • Day 1. Modelling & pattern creation 

    • Taking measurements• Building a basic pattern • Discussion of the planned product• Create a detailed sketch• Modelling according to your design, taking into account your figure• Preparing patterns for felting  • Increasing the pattern by the shrink factor• Start preparing wool for work.

  • Day 2. Wool layout

    • Wool preparation (semi manufactures)
    • Making prefelt for volumetric décor
    • Work with silk base, layout
    • Wool layout.

  • Day 3. Working with silk

    • Layout silk with folders on resist.
    • Layout of wool on the silk.

  • Day 4. Working with volume

    • Grind all layers through the mesh• Work with sander• Check the product for possible holes • Open folders of the silk• Felting products in volume.

  • Day 5. Shrinkage & correction

    • Correction of each element (front, back, sleeves)
    • Step by step shrinkage of each part of the product
    • Shrinkage of the product according to the figure
    • Finishing the edges of the product
    • Working on possible mistakes.

  • Day 6. Finalizing product

    ● Preparing projects for sawing ● Working on the armholes ● Sawing sleeves ● Installation zipper● Work on the edges.