'These boots are made for walking' workshop

This master class allows students to create boots with laces.
Students learn how to use the same pattern to make several different types of felted boots; master shoemaking skills to create felted orthopaedic shoes.

Workshop details

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    Difficulty level: Upper Intermediate

  • Optimal number of participants: 8-12

  • Timing: 8 hours/4 working days

Learning outcomes

Within workshop, students will learn:● how to take correct measurements of their feet;● how to build the template based on their own measurements;● how to make bigger template for the shrinkage of wool;● about the different stages of the felting process (layout wool, the best way to work with short fibres, using sander, process of rolling, shrinkage of the product, building 3D your felt piece, details of how to work with mood (shoe last);● how to make boots with laces, which is a more complex model, and based on this knowledge, they will be able to make other models of shoes;● how to make their own heel box (which provides form stability of the heel part, improving the consumer properties of shoes, and also serves to protect the feet from external mechanical influences);● process of installation of heel box, inner soles, detailed assembly of the upper part of the boots;● process of installation of the soles;● how to prepare a boot for installing eyelets. 


Tentative program of the workshop

  • Day 1. Measurements & template

    • taking measurements;• constructing template including wool shrinkage;• making a sketch;• prepare layout on a resist;• wet the layout and start to felt on the resist by rolling. 

  • Day 2. Boots shape

    • working on the boots shape;• using the shoe lasts to shape the boots;• shape bootleg;• correction of possible mistakes. 

  • Day 3. Heel box

    • making heel box for boots• remove shoe last from boots• shoe theory: type of the materials for the manufacture of a heel box; description of how to make soles yourself; information about variety of shoe last, soles and inner soles; how to select the right shoe last and choose soles to match to your shoe last;• installing the heel box to the boot;• installing the insoles in the shoes.

  • Day 4. Soles & accessories

    • preparing the boots for soles attachment & attaching soles to the shoe;• installing Accessories on boots (eyelet, zipper);• stitch soles on boots.