Practical video tutorials with detailed explanation for intermediate level and beginners.

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What to expect

Practical video tutorials that provide a thorough explanation for viewers at the intermediate level as well as for beginners, in addition to a detailed demonstration of various felting techniques.At the same time, you will learn in the process of making a product, not just samples.


In these brief lessons, you will get acquainted with different types of wool and the kinds of products that each type of wool is best suited for. You will explore different kinds of fibres and what equipment & improvised materials can be utilized for felting. Additionally, you will learn alternative methods in the felting process. 

And as a result, when learning the felting technique, you instantly see the benefits in terms of both skills and the ability to produce the finished product.


Available pre-recorded free tutorials

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Video tutorial

I present to you a small household item that will delight you and your family, and can also be a wonderful gift for your friends. This lesson is more suitable for beginners in felting. But for experienced colleagues, I hope some stages of the work may be useful.

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A poppy flower brooch

Video tutorial

A poppy is a favourite flower for many feltmakers.I have been doing felting for a long time, I believe that you will be able to find interesting moments in the working process and small elements of this lesson will be useful to you.

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Glasses case

Video tutorial

A small and useful craft item for everyday life that can be easily made by beginners . 


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    If you want to get access, please press "Get access to the tutorial" near the chosen tutorial. You will be forwarded to send an email request. In reply, you will get your link and individual password. Please consider that request might take up to 72 hours. 

  • What is the price of tutorial?

    The tutorials on this page are free of charge.  

  • Can I ask for addition help according to this material?

    You can book an individual online workshop for more detailed explanation of these materials, as well as the opportunity to ask any other questions you have.To book an individual workshop please contact us or visit our page for private workshop

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